• SQL Finals – October 2013

    As has been the way with the past few Quidditch matches, the final Sydney Quidditch League (SQL) game was held on a hotter-than-usual day with relentless sun, clear skies and two teams ready to play some quality Quidditch. The two teams competing for glory were the USyd Unspeakables and the UNSW Snapes on a Plane, …

  • August Triwizard Tournament 2013

    The Snapes on a Plane took to the stylish Macquarie Quidditch Pitch to entertaining effect. Thanks to everyone involved!

  • Payback Time!

    Bought something for the Quidditch Society? Continue… Loading…

  • March Tri-Wizard Tournament 2013

    UTS, Macquarie, UWS, Newcastle, Wollongong and UNSW came together for a heady re-introduction to Quidditch for the new year.